How to Apply

Nomination Process:

To become an EIP Prep Student, a candidate must first be recommended by their school counselor and/or a teacher. Once nominated, students and their parents are invited to attend an information session where the benefits of the program are outlined and families are given instruction on how to access the online EIP Prep Application link. For your reference, the EIP Prep nomination period is during the spring semester; please view the timeline reference link below.

Requirements to Apply:

  • Currently be in the 7th grade at participating middle school
  • Must be first generation college bound student
  • Recommended by school counselor or teacher
  • Attend Information Session to receive access to program application link

 Participating School Districts: 

  • Alexandria City Public Schools
  • Arlington Public Schools
  • Falls Church City Public Schools
  • Fairfax County Public Schools
    • To view a list of participating EIP Prep schools, please click here.
  • Manassas City Public Schools
  • Manassas Park City Schools
  • Prince William County Schools

Selection Process:

EIP selects participants based on the following:

  • Recommendation of two adults. The first of the two must be a school counselor or a teacher. The second can be an Extracurricular Coach, ​
    Religious Leader,  or a Extracurricular Activity Member ​that can attest to the candidate’s character and ability to perform well in an intense college preparation curriculum.
  • Review and assessment of the candidate’s application
  • Additional considerations for extraordinary circumstances are given during the process. These include: an uneven academic record; strong academic record but facing special circumstances (e.g., family in crisis, in need of extra support, etc.); eligibility for free or reduced-price lunch; single-parent family; non- or limited-English-speaking family.

The selection process is competitive, and unfortunately the size of the program limits the number of students selected. Should students decide to apply, they are responsible for completing and submitting the application by the specified deadline.  Students are responsible for making sure all sections of the application are completed (Student’s, Guardian’s, and Recommenders’ sections). All student applicants and their guardians will be contacted by the EIP office via email with the final decision status of their application.

Is EIP Prep the Best Fit for Your Student?

In deciding if the Early Identification Program’s Preparatory Program will be appropriate for a student, please consider the following questions:

  • Does the student want to attend college?
  • Can the student realistically participate in all EIP Prep activities? These includes but are not limited to a 3 week academy every summer and monthly Saturdays throughout the school year.
  • Will the student actively participate in weekly academic coaching and mentoring sessions?
  • Is the family prepared and willing to support the student throughout this 5 year journey?

For questions, please feel free to contact the EIP office via phone at 703-993-3120 or email at