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EIP is distinguished by its holistic methodology to Educating the Whole Student. Our unique style of providing academic, career, leadership, and personal/social resources produces students who avow the notions of life-long learning, ownership of education, respect for self and others, leadership ethics, and social advocacy. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of our students and their families by being a reliable source for academic and personal development. We have strategically designed our programs to enrich our students academically, develop them personally and socially, and engage them with their communities. As a result, we ensure each student is equipped with the knowledge and skill-set to become productive and responsible global citizens.

EIP Program Components


Academic Mentoring Program

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STEM Fusion

Additional Math and Science Support for Students

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First2Lead: Leadership Academy

First2Lead: Leadership Academy Events

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College Transitions

College Transitions for EIP grads

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Strengthening the Family

STF Workshops for 8th grade families

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EIP Preparatory

Early Identification Program Preparatory for 8th Graders

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Program Descriptions:

Academic Mentoring Program provides mentoring/tutoring sessions throughout the academic year at over 20 locations within EIP’s seven partnering counties. Students have direct access to trained EIP mentors, success coaches and teachers who serve as role models and assist with academic work as well as with the navigation of all aspects of secondary school..

STEM-H Power Aid  empowers students to excel in math and science course work.  Students attend five Saturday sessions throughout the academic year focusing on STEM education.  Students receive support  in the following subjects; Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, other upper level math courses, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Students also explore subject matter ranging from cyber security to video game design.

Summer Academy is EIP’s longest running academic enrichment program. Summer Academy exposes students to coursework they will encounter in their upcoming academic year. The goal is to strengthen students' understanding and competency in three core academic areas: Science, Math, and English. For three weeks, students receive instruction in their core academic courses, in line with the Virginia Standard of Learning (SOL) guidelines. Students also take advantage of advanced computer labs where courses are offered in Computer Technology. During the Summer Academy, EIP offers special activities ranging from SAT and College Prep classes, resume building, and Career Shadowing Day.  Summer Academy is held at George Mason University on both the Fairfax and SciTech campuses, exposing students to college environments. More than 400 students attend every year.

Dare 2 conferences are held annually and explore unique attributes of effective values-driven leadership and public service. Workshops emphasize ethical decision-making, team-building, multiculturalism, digital responsibility, and conflict resolution. EIP’s goal is to produce civically engaged students who are leaders in their respective communities.

Strengthening the Family explores the issues teens may be encountering at home and in school and provides valuable solutions to overcome barriers that may negatively effect students' educational experiences. Parents gain information about secondary/ post-secondary education and strategies to strengthen their advocacy for their children. Sessions are offered in English and Spanish.

EIP Preparatory serves 8th grade students throughout seven public school counties in which the Early Identification Program partners with.  Students begin to learn about the college application process, while receiving weekly tutoring throughout the school year.  Students who successfully complete EIP Prep are automatically admitted into the EIP for grades 9-12.

The College Transitions component of EIP is a student support and academic success program designed to provide formal transitional support to our EIP alumni attending Mason. EIP’s College Transitions Specialist works with High School seniors to prepare them to transition into college through college prep courses and workshops. Once at Mason, EIP freshmen continue in College Transitions with student support and initiating connections to campus resources.


Please call EIP office 703-993-3120 or email eip@gmu.edu if you have any questions.