Naydelin Bonilla-Hernandez

Title: Graphic Designer

Groups: Student Staff

Naydelin Bonilla-Hernandez

Graphic Designer

Undergraduate: Pursuing BA in Visual Technology with a Concentration in Graphic Design

Naydelin Bonilla-Hernandez currently serves as part of EIP’s marketing team. She is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in art and visual technology with a concentration in graphic design. She currently creates visuals for data reports, social media, and student outreach. She is passionate about her job, not only because she gets to be creative and work along with awesome team members, but because she is helping the program she was once part of herself. Not only does Naydelin serve as part of EIP’s marketing team, but she is also an academic mentor and a college success ambassador. In her personal time, Naydelin enjoys going out with friends and family and discovering new places. 

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