Student Spotlight


Doreen Joseph, Sophomore at Mason, Major: Cybersecurity Engineering

  • Pre-College Initiative (PCI) Chair for the National Society of Engineers (NSBE)
  • Resource Chair for the Honors College Black Ambition (HCBA)

This past fall semester the Honors College at Mason awarded Doreen Joseph with the Outstanding Achievement award. Each month George Mason University’s Honors College recognizes students who advocate diversity and inclusion on Mason’s Campus. We asked Doreen what does it feel like to be recognized for this award, she answered, “There are a lot of minority students, especially when they’re in engineering, they don’t have professors that look like them, so my job is to use the gifts I have to help them out and inspire them.”

Doreen, who serves on the executive boards for a variety of student empowering organizations, was named the Honors College Black Ambition Student of the Month. A list of organizations that Doreen is involved with include: Honors College Black Ambition, National Society of Black Engineers, and the Honors College recruitment team.

Doreen came to Mason through the Early Identification Program; when asked why she chose Mason Doreen said, “Mason has been a part of my life through EIP, I was already familiar with the campus and had many connections here”.

During the Early Identification Program inaugral STEM EXPO, Doreen volunteered to facilitate a workshop for the current EIP students to help them code and decode messages, to empower students interests in STEM fields.




Leaders Empowering Aspiring Students (L.E.A.S ) Team

L.E.A.S is EIP’s student leadership team. This is the first year of the L.E.A.S team, which was started by EIP Alumni and Mason Freshman Amaris Molina. L.E.A.S’s goal is to share the EIP story with local community, and earn community service hours.  The team’s first official event was in support of EIP’s 2nd Annual Alumni Weekend. Many of the team were able to network and connect with other EIP Alumni who were eager to share their experiences. Team members in picture: Kia Montgomery, Christina Flores, Hanna Jameer, Angie Abdelmagid, Harold Mongoue, Catalina Massignotti, Alessandra Pena-Amezquita