Dare 2 Conferences are held annually and explore unique attributes of effective, values-driven leadership and public service. Workshops emphasize ethical decision-making, team building, multiculturalism, digital responsibility, and conflict resolution. EIP’s goal is to produce civically engaged students who are leaders in their respective communities.

Saturday Events are one-time opportunities for EIP participants. Students who miss Saturday Events will not have the opportunity to make-up any missed sessions or receive credit for attending. Missed weekend events will reflect negatively on the students' overall attendance record in the program. Attendance to Saturday Events is mandatory.

Session 1 - Dare 2 Learn - October 13th, 2018 (All Students)

Session 2- High School to College - January 19th  (10th -12th graders only)

Time: 10 am - 2pm

Location: George Mason University Fairfax Campus, For specific rooms see below

Bus schedule: High School 2 College Spring 2019 Bus Schedule

10th Graders-

-Parents and Students must attend

Location: George Mason University- Fairfax Campus, Innovation 103

11th Graders-

Location: George Mason University- Fairfax Campus, Innovation, 2nd Floor

12th Graders-

Location: George Mason University- Fairfax Campus, Enterprise lobby, outside room 178

Please call EIP office 703-993-3120 or email eip@gmu.edu if you have any questions.