About Us

Our Vision
Produce civically engaged first-generation college bound students who value learning and are actively pursuing higher education.

Our Mission
Improve students’ access to higher education and quality of life by providing academic enrichment, personal development, and community engagement programs that produce global citizens.

Our Methodology

By inspiring our students to actively seek higher education, we instill in each EIP student high ambition and a resolve to take ownership of their educational experience. Our trained EIP Mentors and EIP Staff are engaged in the lives of students and their parents to enrich the family experience of gaining access to educational resources. We encourage our students to set career benchmarks early in their professional lives. We achieve all of the goals of our Mission through EIP’s holistic approach which maximizes student potential and academic achievement. Thus, we ensure each student is equipped with the knowledge and skills to become productive and responsible global citizens. 

Our Philosophy
All students have the right to gain access to a higher education. For 25 years, Early Identification Program (EIP) has helped steer students towards higher academic ground and encouraged first-generation college-bound students to enroll into colleges and universities. Using a holistic approach to educating the whole student, EIP provides academic, career, leadership, and personal/social resources and promotes life-long learning, ownership of education, respect for self and others, leadership ethics, and social advocacy.

Our Promise

  • Provide access to beneficial academic, career, and developmental resources. Students will acquire knowledge and skills that are relevant to their high school curriculum and will help them transition to post-secondary institutions.
  • Engage families in the student’s academic experience and equip parents with insight and skills to help their students prepare for college.
  • Collaborate with school divisions, parents/guardians, the private sector, and the community to maximize access to all possible additional resources for our students.
  • Provide a safe environment for students to learn and grow through exposure to collegiate life at George Mason University.