Scholarship by Design

Next time you shop at Giant, check out the reusable bags they sell. Their colorful design is the work of EIP senior Worachet “Boon” Sakprayoonpong. Giant Stores partnered with the quiz show “It’s Academic” to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show and invited high school students from D.C., Virginia, and Maryland to enter a design competition for the bags. Boon’s design, which combines the Giant logo and elements from “It’s Academic,” won the contest and its $1,500 scholarship prize. Boon, who has been drawing all his life, has recently started studying art and thinking about it as a career. He credits EIP’s mentoring program with keeping him focused and successful in the classroom. He hopes to study art at college.

Scholarship by Design

Five years have come and gone in the blink of an eye. EIP Seniors are ready to embark upon their college lives. Having spent their high school years with EIP at the campus of George Mason University, some have a hard time envisioning going to college at such a familiar place. In response to that common sentiment, EIP is sponsoring “There’s No Place Like Mason” on February 5th, 2010, solely for EIP Seniors who have met the admission requirements, in order to show them the “other side” of what GMU has to offer. EIP Seniors will have a chance to interact with student organizations, EIP Alumni, and academic departments ranging from Video Game Design to Nursing. More information will soon follow. Congratulations, Seniors!

There’s No Place Like Mason!

EIP Seniors, as you reach the midpoint of the final chapter of your high school career, January also marks the time to get a jumpstart on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This is a critical resource that is free for students who are eligible to apply; the FAFSA helps determine the level of financial aid a student will need. Future college students who plan to enroll in the Fall of 2011 must complete the FAFSA 2011-2012 form. It will become available online at on January 1, 2011. EIP will host a FAFSA workshop on January 8th, 2011, to guide seniors and their parents through the application process. Further details will be sent via mail. Students and parents must apply for a pin number that will serve as an electronic signature. You can apply for your pin at and bring both student and parent pins to the workshop to ensure submission of your FAFSA application on the day of the workshop. We look forward to seeing you all on January 8th.

Getting a Jumpstart on FAFSA

By Rhina Ascencio

Senior Year! This is it–you’ve made it!  However, it doesn’t end here. The choices that you make this year will impact your lives forever. Do not fall victim to the epidemic that plagues Seniors every year…Senioritis. Stay focused, do not allow your grades to fall, continue to improve your grades, and keep up the good work.  All EIP Seniors are assigned a liaison from the office to monitor your academic progress.  Please stay in touch with your liaison with any questions you have regarding your college application. Fight Senioritis and move forward to the bright future that waits for you after high school.

Beware of the Senioritis Epidemic!

EIP graduates will be attending colleges and universities all over the United States, from Virginia to Hawaii.  The following are some of the schools in which they enrolled for the Fall 2009 semester:

 Carnegie Mellon University

Christopher Newport University

East Carolina University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Florida Tech

George Mason University

Hawaii Pacific University

Mary Baldwin College

Marymount University

Memphis College of Art

Old Dominion University

Randolph College

University of Hawaii

University of Mary Washington

University of North Carolina

University of Virginia

Virginia Union College

Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Xavier University

Colleges Accepting 2009 EIP Graduates

Class of 2009
Yorktown Senior High School
Arlington County Public Schools
 Throughout his academic career, EIP Senior Travis Snider, from Arlington County’s Yorktown High School, has been an active member of the community. Through initiative, planning, and execution of projects, he confronts challenges, solves problems, and serves as a leader in his community.  Travis has accomplished the exceptional achievement of becoming an Eagle Scout.  His special Eagle Project was to organize part of the Veterans History Project for the Library of Congress, a challenge that gave him a much greater appreciation of the sacrifices made to defend the freedoms of this country.

“Living as an example has helped me learn the importance of community service and the reward of helping others… a positive, rewarding role that I will carry through my life.”  – Travis

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